Xavier Vanegas Design
Minimal yet effective designs.

Personal Work

Here is some of my personal work that I created for fun or to teach myself something new. I actually love doing these and will continue to do so!

Goofy face vector.jpg

Goofy face

I was sifting through my old sketches to vectorize and found this! I definitely enjoy drawing and seeing it come to life on the computer.

Khan Co.

This is one of my studies into a geometric and minimal logo design.

uni logo study.gif


Here is another Swiss-design inspired logo study.

I Care.jpg

I Really Care, Why Don’t You?

My response to Melania Trump wearing an inappropriate jacket at one of the holding facilities for immigrant children. It said “I really don’t care, do U?”.

Woman Holding Grapes

I drew this with colored pencils and used a reference off of the image on the Prismacolor pencil container.


Stay Woke

Fun fact: I sold this as a coffee cup on Redbubble.com!


Hussle & Motivate

A custom typography tribute project for LA rapper Nipsey Hussle. Inspired by his song of the same name.



Another exploratory illustration based off of a sketch.



This was an exploration of creating something out of simple shapes.


Woman with the red lipstick

I was experimenting with mixing digital and traditional tools in this piece. notice the cardboard texture and pencil drawn pearl necklace.

Land of Oily Tears

An acrylic painting that is inspired by the destruction of sacred Amazonian land by American oil drilling companies in Peru.

Her Voice Will Endure

A pencil sketch.

mans self destruction.jpg

Destruction of Mankind

A critical piece on how mankind is leading itself to its own anihilation.



A pencil sketch.